Sizes & Species

28' log carefully positioned to produce a beam on a 20'8" mill

28′ log carefully positioned to produce a beam on a 20’8″ mill

DBS portable sawmill can accommodate logs up to 36 inches in diameter by 20’8” in length. In rare cases, the illustration above shows how a longer log may be cut to a desired length beyond 20’8”.

DBS evaluates each of your logs for defects and will gauge your log’s circumference and diameter to determine your maximum useable board foot yield.

**If you would like, feel free to measure your own logs to get an idea of what sizes you have:

  1. Starting at 4′ up from the base of the tree, measure the circumference of the tree’s trunk (in inches) with measuring tape.
  2. Take the circumference of the tree and simply divide it by 3.
  3. Congratulations! You just measured your tree’s diameter!


Helpful links to identify hardwoods and softwoods.

Also, please take a look at our resaw page.

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