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Kingswood Methodist Campsite – Woodland Church and Gathering Hall, Hancock, New York

2017-01-22 Weekend warrior solitudeApproximately 147 miles north of New York City, nestled in the Catskill Mountains at Hancock, NY, you’ll find a 766 acres pristine camping and prayer reflection sanctuary belonging to Kingswood Methodist Camp. Many members volunteered for this special mission…to build a woodland church and gathering hall from the trees from the property.  An amazing showing of hands were waiting on site, ready to work; and work they did! All of these volunteers have earned the right to be recognized as Honorary Sawmill Guy Weekend Warriors!

The team’s leader, Peter, coordinated the event and saw to it that everyone had a task or an assigned duty.  Many of the timbers were up to 31 feet in length but with everyone’s cooperation, the cutting was safe, a huge success and the goals of the weekend were met. Great food and campfires with lots of milling and stacking ensued over the weekend.  But the bounty of the lumber speaks for itself.  Excellent job!  It was an honor for The Sawmill Guy to be a part of such a wonderful event.  Looking forward to helping you with your final lumber lists this spring or early fall!

Thanks for a great event! To learn more about the beautiful family oriented Kingswood Campsite and their mission, please visit their website at http://www.kingswoodcampsite.org



Glorious Autumn Cut in Westbrookville, New York

Glorious Autumn CutBeautiful countryside abounds in this quaint hamlet, known as Westbrookville, located in Orange County, New York, just off US 209.  Which follows much of the Delaware and Hudson Canal, a true piece of history being a hand-dug engineering marvel that connected NYC to the Catskills and Poconos circa 1828 to 1899.  Much of this country still remains as wild and wooded as it did then.  Which is what made this cut such a great weekend warrior event! The owner invited several friends to come and race against The Sawmill Guy and his mill; rolling logs, milling lumber, the guys, pulling slabs and boards, stacking and stickering lumber and just plain fun to see who would win the race, the crew or the sawyer??   Doug at the controls, the men ran a team-tag for removing and stacking the lumber.  The event was a huge success, producing 3,700 board feet of lumber in just 10 hours!  (For those who may not know, a quick example of board feet could be one 2 X 4 X 8, which is only 5.33 board feet vs 3,700 board feet) That’s a record day.  So everyone won!  Thanks Randy for an excellent cut day, thanks to the guys and their effort, and for the great BBQ.    Your Weekend-Warrior T-Shirts are on the way!


Branch Failure & Safe LimbingIMG_0071

Branch failure is a real problem.  Any storm that can produce high wind or heavy snow load can create sever damage to large tree limbs.  It’s a good idea to check your large trees for splits and fractures that can develop into a serious threat to you, your family or home. The following is an example of branch failure after a summer storm.  This type of problem gives no warning before total failure.  It can drop on anything or anyone.  A problem like this is not a job for a “Weekend Warrior” and any property owner should call a tree service company for assistance.  In these pictures, Adam of DBS Portable Sawmill evaluates the safest way to take this limb down.  This split is about 10 feet long, for safety it was wrapped with a chain before the first de-stressing cuts were made.    After it was down, this one branch supplied enough wood to keep a bon-fire going for 3 hours that evening!


New Year’s Eve 2014 and New Year’s Day 2015 Delivery to Long Island’s North Fork.

Click here to see how a shed begins: http://youtu.be/NR6s9jQPi2g

The Poconos comes to Long Island for this weekend warrior project.  A custom milled and designed Post and Beam outbuilding created to house two magnificent machines.  The Sawmill Guy and his brother Charlie ring in the new year with this custom design. ————————————————————————————————————–

Felled Black Walnut Tree in Clark’s Summit and Customer Testimonial – May 2014

Email testimonial from Bob: “Doug, If you are collecting recommendations, I can readily recommend your work as you did an excellent job saw milling our black walnut tree this week. I believe we got about 400 to 450 board feet of 5/4 lumber out of it. When it is fully dry in about a year and a half some of our family members plan to make fine furniture from it as well as a new fireplace mantle!   Your equipment was modern and precise in the cuts and you got the most from our tree. Your expertise made quite a difference for obtaining the quality lumber we were seeking. The overall experience was top notch and the price was what you quoted originally.   Thanks Bob C.”


Creating Paddock Rotations – Spring 2013

If you have small property, paddock rotation is a proven stable management  technique and essential for happy grazing critters.  Starting with a large sawlog and the woodmill cut all the 4 x 4 posts you’ll need.  With a tractor mounted post hole digger or hand post hole shovel, begin the layout of your holes, set the posts, screw on the electric wire attachments to the posts and run the electric tape.  See the progress you can make in just a weekend…


This Weekend: TACK SHED FOR SADDLES, BRIDLES, HAY, ETC. – Summer – 2012

Start with 1 or 2 huge pine logs, cut & air dry, load, layout & build.

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