Prevent Moisture Loss in your Sawlogs!

fun colored endsHere is a quick tip for preserving the moisture in your logs while they are waiting to be milled.  Achieving even moisture throughout the log will ensure the highest yield of lumber from your sawlogs, but how do you maintain that moisture?

Once a tree is felled, moisture loss begins.  This is a naturally occurring event and the process starts much like water loss from a straw or drain pipe.  As a standing tree, bark is meant to keep the moisture flowing within the tree for healthy growth.  Once a chainsaw severs that protective layer, the tree will have two exposed ends, and much like a straw, the open ends allow for the moisture to wick out while the middle of the sawlog stays extremely moist.   This makes for an uneven balance of moisture within the log and as a result, the milled boards may have checked, split and warped ends.  The goal is to prevent that uneven moisture from occurring. 

Simply coat the ends with either Anchor Seal, which is a liquid paraffin wax.  You may also use any paint or deck sealer to coat the ends.   This type of end sealer can be applied at any time, but is best when performed as soon as you fell the tree.  You can also coat the ends of your milled lumber for the same purpose. (Ever notice the lumber yards have painted ends on their lumber, this is why.)

Good luck and feel free to call with any questions.  Thanks, Doug,  the Sawmill Guy.


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