Blue Rill Historic Preserve Reno

From Logs to Lumber at Blue Rill, Rio, New York

log truck

Remembering back to January, 2016, DBS coordinated the selection and transport of Pine logs, harvested from the Hartwood Club and transported to Blue Rill Historic Preserve.  Now see a pictorial update on the materials cut for the Bed & Breakfast renovation.  These boards and beams were cut to architect specs and will become the wainscoting through-out the facility as well as several 12x16x19 girder support posts and structural beams for the grand hall at the facility.  Thanks again to the Hartwood Club for calling DBS and alerting us of the sawlog opportunity, these trees will be re-purposed in renovating this historic neighboring property.  It’s going to be quite a landmark when it’s all done.

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