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DBS Airborne Division – Company Bee; Operation: Black Locust Sawdust Recon

army beeWhile Doug was milling Black Locust sawlogs for our friends at Suburban Mills (located in Tyler Hill, PA); he found  himself working alongside a swarm of Apis Melifera; the Honey Bee.   They were feverishly rifling through and collecting the Black Locust sawdust made while milling.  As you can see in the video, the members of “Company Bee” did their part in making sure no portion of the Black Locust tree went to waste.  Bees are very efficient in that way.  Some bee experts say in early spring, bees may be running low on sugar in their hive and are in search of any pollen or dust product that may contain sugar, and Black Locust wood is very sweet and aromatic.  This tree is famous for producing a fruity and fragrant honey, with various ranges in color, from clear to dark and is considered a major honey plant in eastern USA.  But don’t confuse the Black Locust tree with Honey Locust, which oddly enough produces very little, if any honey.  Apparently, Honey Locust was used by early Indian tribes as an ingredient in food preparation which made certain dishes taste sweeter.  Another theory for this sawdust gathering event is the bees will chew the dust, and after mixing it in their mouths, it becomes a basic cellulose fiber that the bees can use to build and expand their hives.  Either way, bees are clever! Check out the video of these busy little guys, doing what they do best.   Click Link:

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Expert builder/handyman service at DBS


At the request of several sawmill customers; DBS Portable Sawmill will now be offering carpentry/handyman services to those Do-It-Yourselfers who just need a little help (or a lot of help) building their rough-sawn lumber projects. DBS Portable Sawmill is a division of DBS Contracting; registered contractor # PA115839. With over 32 years experience, DBS Contracting can assist you with any interior/exterior building project, renovation or repair you may have in mind. Call with any questions!

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Blue Rill Historic Preserve Reno

From Logs to Lumber at Blue Rill, Rio, New York

log truck

Remembering back to January, 2016, DBS coordinated the selection and transport of Pine logs, harvested from the Hartwood Club and transported to Blue Rill Historic Preserve.  Now see a pictorial update on the materials cut for the Bed & Breakfast renovation.  These boards and beams were cut to architect specs and will become the wainscoting through-out the facility as well as several 12x16x19 girder support posts and structural beams for the grand hall at the facility.  Thanks again to the Hartwood Club for calling DBS and alerting us of the sawlog opportunity, these trees will be re-purposed in renovating this historic neighboring property.  It’s going to be quite a landmark when it’s all done.

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Disconnect from Stress with OFF GRID Tiny Houses & Tree Houses!


DBS Portable Sawmill  was recently called to Blakeslee, PA, to mill trees that were clear cut for a gas pipeline.  These trees were re-purposed by milling them into materials for completion projects at this unique get-away resort.  The property owners have done a great job creating beautiful country get-away cabins.  Take a look and image yourself as next to “un-hook” from the electronic rat-race and enjoy a few days of natural beauty.  Congrats to Dave and Jennifer, your unique rentals are awesome.  Look forward to cutting for you in the future.  To see more about these rentals, go to, and look for cabins in Blakeslee, PA.

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DBS Portable Sawmill & the Hartwood Club go “Totally Green” for Blue Rill Renovation!

See video of the trees prepped into sawlogs and loaded for transsport from the Hartwood Club, Forestburg, NY,  to the restoration project at Blue Rill Historic Preserve, Rio, NY.  Clink link:  ”

Hartwood Club Pine Forest

Hartwood Club Pine Forest



The beauty of the Hartwood Club’s pines is not to be believed.  Straight and true, providing excellent timber.  As these trees were scheduled to come down and rather than process them into camp-fire wood, they have been re-purposed for custom milling for a renovation of a vintage bed & breakfast, known as Blue Rill Historic Preserve, located in Rio, NY.




















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Prevent Moisture Loss in your Sawlogs!

fun colored endsHere is a quick tip for preserving the moisture in your logs while they are waiting to be milled.  Achieving even moisture throughout the log will ensure the highest yield of lumber from your sawlogs, but how do you maintain that moisture?

Once a tree is felled, moisture loss begins.  This is a naturally occurring event and the process starts much like water loss from a straw or drain pipe.  As a standing tree, bark is meant to keep the moisture flowing within the tree for healthy growth.  Once a chainsaw severs that protective layer, the tree will have two exposed ends, and much like a straw, the open ends allow for the moisture to wick out while the middle of the sawlog stays extremely moist.   This makes for an uneven balance of moisture within the log and as a result, the milled boards may have checked, split and warped ends.  The goal is to prevent that uneven moisture from occurring. 

Simply coat the ends with either Anchor Seal, which is a liquid paraffin wax.  You may also use any paint or deck sealer to coat the ends.   This type of end sealer can be applied at any time, but is best when performed as soon as you fell the tree.  You can also coat the ends of your milled lumber for the same purpose. (Ever notice the lumber yards have painted ends on their lumber, this is why.)

Good luck and feel free to call with any questions.  Thanks, Doug,  the Sawmill Guy.


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VINTAGE B&B RENO IN RIO, NY – Update on Project Progress

Doug at the logs 2

We remember this picture from our April 2015 blog featuring BLUE RILL HISTORIC PRESERVE.  Here is a little more progress after a second cut this fall:


The images below show the home as it was newly built on or about 1899 and as it is today, where the restoration for this circa 1890s home will begin.  This soon to be revitalized historic landmark will be the quintessential gathering facility, hosting weddings, conferences, corporate seminars and all within the natural and wild setting of Rio, New York, which is nestled in the majestic Upper Delaware River Corridor.  A perfect resort for nature enthusiasts or a country retreat for those seeking a surreal weekend get-away.  This facility will be exceptional, and DBS Portable Sawmill is honored to be a part of the project by providing custom sawn lumber from the trees logged off the land.  Replicas of original trims, wainscot paneling, and many unique furnishing will be created from the lumber DBS will mill.  As this magnificent project develops, Doug, The Sawmill Guy, will continue to collect photos to share.  To learn more about the history of Blue Rill, visit  It is truly a fascinating bit of rural NY history.

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Major Branch Failure is a Major Concern







Branch Failure is a very serious and pending hazard.  If you find a large limb that shows this type of separation, you must address it immediately.  This split branch would offer no warning, and could crack and fall on anything or anyone at a moment’s notice.  But, unless you are trained and certified in felling trees properly, do not attempt to limb a branch of this size by yourself.  This is a dangerous situation and very risky if you are not fully prepared and experienced.  Call a tree surgeon to help you. Please see the procedure DBS used to remove this limb in the “Weekend Warrior” section of the website.


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DBS Contracting, Contractor # PA115839, recently completed the demolition and reconstruction of a  Log Style deck and railing system including two custom staircases, landings, support structure including girders, joists, and finished with hand chiseled newel and rail sections.  See the before and after photos of this beautiful lakefront log home’s project, located in the exclusive private community, The Woods at Duck Harbor.  Strength, quality and authentic log attachments was the focus, creating a time consuming, custom built project, but yielded a superior result.

The finished deck and railings are ready for endless BBQs and summer fun.




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4th of July BBQ favorite – PIZZA?

Happy 4th picThis may sound impossible, but it was fast, easy and delicious.  Click on the link below to see more details on this excellent dish, perfect for any party that has a BBQ! PIZZA BBQ RECIPE

Happy 4th of July 2015, and enjoy the pizza!      Doug, The Sawmill Guy

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